Iraqi National Police Rescue Kidnapped Kid

Child Freed And Weapons Seized Overall security inside of Iraq has improved greatly, but there are still situations that are surprising and make the citizens realize just how serious the situation can still be. A 12 year old Iraqi male was kidnapped in the New Baghdad area recently, and a random demanded. In a surprising act of bravery and daring do, the policemen from the 1st National Police Division, 4th Brigade, 2nd battalion responded to the situation, and were able to successfully seize the attackers as well as capturing several insurgents and a large cache of various weapons. This was the first time that such an operation has been successfully responded to, and it serves as a huge positive mark of the success of the Iraqi Security forces. The National Police were tipped off to the situation, and upon stealthy responding to the location, the police could hear screams. They surrounded the house, and stormed the place, and discovered the 12 year old. He had been roughly treated but otherwise was in good condition, and the National Iraqi Police detained two Iraqi men for questioning and upon suspicion of criminal kidnapping. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! After rescuing the 12-year-old boy, the police mounted a search of the house and found an illegal stash of insurgent weapons and ammunition. The cache contained several rocket propelled grenades, anti tank mines, AK-47 rifles, bolt action rifles, and assorted other weapons and bullets. “We are very pleased with the ability and professionalism of the Iraqi Army and Police Security forces,” said Major Joey Sullinger. Major Sullinger is the 10th Mountain Division, 4th BCT Marine Corps Commander.




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