Emergency Aviation Egress Apprentice

There is a job specialty in the Air Force that makes sure those different types of emergency escape devices are in good operational order. These devices provide an emergency escape in an emergency, and it the job of the Air Force Egress Aircrew apprentice to maintain and provide for these emergency escape systems. As a Air Force Aviation Egress Apprentice you will be the person that is responsible for seeing that the systems that are found in different aircraft are in excellent working order. They have to work every time, and you will be the person that is responsible for making sure the different types of escape systems are working correctly. These are the escape systems that are used to escape an aircraft that is about to explode or crash. You will be taught the basics of how each emergency escape systems functions and the basics of egress system operations. You will learn about the different types of escape systems featured in aircraft of todays Air Force. The training will teach you how to locate and trouble shoot different problems of escape systems, how to find areas that are not operational, and how to fix them. You will learn about escape hatches, escape capsules, ejection seats and other different types of escape systems. You will be trained on how to repair and diagnose the different escape and survival systems. You will also learn about different Air Force Equipment such as warning lights, lap belts, canopies, shoulder harnesses, and emergency oxygen systems. You will participate in special training for Air Force Aircrew egress systems. You will begin with Air Force Basic Training for 9 weeks where you will learn about different issues of Air Force Indoctrination. After Basic training you will progress to Sheppard Air Force Base and attend several weeks of both on the job training and classroom training. As you learn and deal with each different type of aircraft you will learn about the escape system for each including the Jet Fighter Ejection Seat. The military Jet Fighter Ejection Seat is designed to rescue the navigator and pilot or other aircrew members in emergency situations. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The ejection system has been developed over a long period of time using trial and error. When the ejection seat triggers, a rocket motor fires and propels the aircrew member up and out of the aircraft, where a parachute deploys and lowers the military personnel down to the ground safely.




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