Submarine Electronic Navy Specialist

The Navy has several different job enlistment specialties available on Submarines. One of these specialities is the Navy Submarine Electronic Specialist. It is one of the more technical fields, other than the Nuclear power field it is one of the more technologically advanced specialties of the Submarine Service. Navy Electronics has several sub specialties that personnel are trained in, including digital electronics, fiber optics, computer server operations, and computer and Information technology. These are but a few of the different electronic fields that a person that serves aboard a Navy Submarine may be selected to serve in. They are experts trained in sonar, digital systems, computers, combat submarine control, and navigation. A person who volunteers and is selected for this job rating will receive training in fiber optics, digital electronic systems, computer and computer servers, and many other electronics areas. Persons who are chosen to serve as a Navy Electronics specialist is someone that shows a knack for science and mathematics, and is a person that can handle working in close quarters under stressful situations. Competition for personnel in the Navy to qualify for service aboard Submarines is highly competitive, and you will have to pass a number of qualifying tests that will begin as early as boot camp. Serving in the Navy aboard a Submarine means that you have never been convicted of a crime, either a misdemeanor or a felony. You must also be able to pass a Top Secret Security clearance, which means that you will have to certify and prove that you do not have a history with drug addiction or a problem with drugs. A candidate for service in the Submarine field is a person that can handle stress that has a level head on their shoulders and someone that has a proven ability to work well with other people, someone who has demonstrated that they are mature. Standards for people interested in this job rating selection are very high. So is the competition for the jobs. This is one of the jobs that you can obtain in the military that the knowledge and proficiency of Math, science, and technical fields of electronics and computers is necessary. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! There are four different areas in the Submarine Electronics Technician area: Sonar Technician, or STS, Electronics Technician, or ET, Sonar Technician, or STS and Fire Control Technician, or FT.




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