Answering God’s Calling Through Full-Time Military Service

Before 9/11 Tom Jesse had served in the National Guard as a part-time solider.  However, when the terrible event happened, he had a spiritual epiphany.  He felt that for him his calling was to commit to the service full-time.  Granted, he had had desires to do so even before the tragedy occurred, but after that day, he knew he had to make his dreams official.

His full-time military career began when he was hired to command the Company A Black Cats of the 2nd Battalion, 52nd Regiment.  He chose this job over another opportunity with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment because the former allowed him a promotion to lieutenant colonel.  As a newly-appointed Colonel, Jesse’s first order of business was to move to Korea.

Jesse’s wife and children had mixed feelings about this news.  On the one hand traveling to another country was exciting. But on the other hand, they would have to give up the life they had previously been used to.  Yet, what choice did they really have in the matter? Jesse’s wife realized that this was the life of a military wife, and she would just have to deal with it.  Doing so is much easier than pouting or crying, which she feels life offers no time for.

The family stayed in Korea for 20 months, after which they moved to Fort Hood, Texas. Now, Jesse has been deployed to Iraq where he is an executive officer for the 1st Air Calvary Brigade. It is difficult being away from his loved ones, but they understand that for him military service is more than just money… it’s what God wanted him to do. If the military is for you, get free military jobs info here.




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