Army Health Service Technicians

Serving in the Army as a Health Services Technician is an important position in the modern US Navy. The job is often the first medical line of defense for Soldiers who become ill or need medical attention. The Army Health Service Technician is the Servicemember that deals with routine healthcare as well as different types of emergency situations as they occur. Services that are provided for by an Army Health Care technician are provided at any location that the Army serves, both in the United States and overseas. They are involved in all different types of medical health care situations. Health Service Technicians are members of the Army that serve often in smaller locations that cannot support an actual doctor or larger medical staff. Army Health Service Technicians serve a variety of duty billets located worldwide. They assist with regular and specialized medical and dental care at facilities scattered around the world. They are responsible for performing diagnostic care, clinical lab work, x-rays, testing and other assistance to medical and dental Army officers. They perform routine and special procedures under direction by more senior Commissioned Army doctors, and are a part of the Army Medical Team. The initial duty station for a newly trained Army Health Technician is often at a large Army base, where they can work under direct supervision of Army doctors. This can be valuable as a method of assisting the Army Health Technician with gaining invaluable experience as well as training to continue their individual health care experience. Technicians learn at the hands of senior trained military medical personnel, and are thus equipped to eventually transfer and serve as the primary medical personnel for smaller unit environments. This type of training and stationing arrangement is excellent at helping to bring Army Health Technicians to full strength in their training regime and making sure they are ready for their first solo experiences in the field. An individual serving in the Army as a Health Technician can be sure of working with state of the Art equipment and highly trained medical doctors that will give them skills and make sure that they are also very highly trained. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Training starts with 9 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training. After that they will attend 13 weeks of Advanced Training at an Army facility where they will be taught the basics of anatomy, health care and emergency Medical procedures. They then will transition to a larger Army base for a period of time to help complete and round out their training before being transferred to their first solo duty station.




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