Enlisted Air Force Medical Careers

Serving in the United States Air Force you will be part of a new team, and you will learn the true meaning of the term “Teamwork.” You will have the chance to work with medical professionals in a variety of different patient situations. You will be working in a position of honor and respect. You will serve your country as you also help patients with their medical problems, and be part of the Air Force medical professional team. It is a rewarding opportunity. You can work at a number of different medical careers while serving your country. X-Ray Technician- You can assist patients with x ray and radiological needs, and help get the necessary X rays to give the Air Force nurses and doctors the information that they need to properly treat the patient. You will work to serve the needs of the medical staff in providing a number of different medical and radiological materials. Nursing Aide- You will be the person that performs many of the basic nursing functions, and gives the patient an initial screening. You will be part of the Air Force triage team that works to provide an excellent quality of patient care. You will have an opportunity to work side by side with medical professionals, in a variety of situations helping patients. You will be serving in a position of respect and honor, serving your country while you advance your professional skills. It is Air Force career that is rewarding and challenging. Surgical Room Technician- This is a trained skilled position that deals with preparing and prepping patients for surgery. You will work under direction of doctors and nurses and other Air force personnel, as well as performing a number of different tasks that require surgery training. You may sometimes work as a surgical room assistant and deal with direct surgical assistance. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Working as a Air Force medical professional will allow you to deal with patients from across the spectrum. You will be relied upon to work with and cooperate with professional in a variety of different settings. You will treat Airmen, and other members of the Military Community that have served in the War on Terror or who are otherwise serving their country in the United States Armed Forces.




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