Joint Patrol Yields Five Suspect Terrorists

Iraqi And Coalition Cooperate In Operation Sign of Peace Working off a tip from a local citizen, joint forces patrols in the Amarah region led by Iraqi soldiers discovered and arrested five criminal suspects. The arrests brings the number of arrests from the Operation Sign of Peace to 17, with more arrests expected over the next couple of weeks. The Operation Sign of Pease is an operation that was designed, implemented and led by Iraqi personnel and soldiers. They designed the operations to increase their visibility with the Iraqi citizens, as well as specifically to catch and eliminate the criminal forces and insurgency that have been plaguing the Amarah region. These have not been easy tasks, but ones that the soldiers and troops have grown into over time. Two of the insurgents were trying to pass themselves of as females, wearing female clothing and working to make people think they were females. The rule of law and safety has been a new experience for many of the citizens of Amarah. The creation of a safe neighborhood has been taken advantage of, as new businesses have began to spring up, and the citizens are starting to experience success in different things they are involved in. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Coalition forces are working to support the effort, and providing assistance and advice on how to best handle different new situations.




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