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The United States Army took a look at its employment placement services, there were a large number of Army members that were leaving the service and not being able to make clear connections to their military service, and their training. It was frustrating and identified as a problem because the Army personnel were all well trained but would wind up working in a specialty or job that had nothing to do with the area that they received training in. The Army reached out to a number of large employers, and they came up with a program to help former Army personnel to get good paying jobs that were more in their specialty field. The Army came up with a program that is designed to have advantage in getting employment for when their time in the Army ends. The program matches different people with employers in job skill areas before they even sign up for an enlistment. It is called the Army PaYS program, or the Program for Youth Success. This program matches civilian employers with Army job skill classifications and helps find jobs for Army people after they get out of the military. A candidates decides they want to enlist in the Army Reserves, or the Army, and they go to their local friendly recruiter. They then are presented with a list of employers that the Army has a partnership PaYS agreement with. Different large companies and programs feature different jobs and job requirements, and the Army has tried to match up employers with different training areas that they provide. It is a good fit for many people, and the civilian job or civilian company that is chosen by the applicant helps determine the eventual type of training that the person receives. It is not always an exact match, but when the person chooses what type of long term work they want to do everyone benefits, the young person has more choice, the Army receives an applicant that is highly motivated, and the company receives a candidate that has received the most state of the Art training available. The recruiter has training to assist the candidate in choosing the right kind of job for long term, and in selecting both a vocational path and a job life after the military. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. This is a program that is designed to help match Army personnel to civilian careers that benefits everyone involved. It is a total positive situation for those that work hard, and who have a good idea of what they would like to do with their civilian life after the Army.




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