Locating Military Friendly Schools

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Getting an education is an important step in a persons life. And joining the military is often a good first step in finding funding to attend university or college. There are many different types of options that a person should consider as they examine the school that they wish to attend. One of the first steps is finding a school that is military friendly.

There are a number of different colleges across the United States that will be supportive and help you meet your educational goals. There are many options involved in finding just the right school for you. Military Friendly schools are ones that are not only supportive, but actually welcoming to members of the military and the selective reserve. Some schools make the process much more readily acceptable and because of that they are considered military friendly schools.

You should first examine and decide what degree will match your career goals. There are many options in finding the degree that is right for your goals and for your intended career. After that then the next step is to decide where you want to attend. Some of the steps that are involved in dealing with finding a military friendly school include finding out; The CLEP and DANTES testing and credit transfer policy, the ACE and Military policies that are in place, transfer credits and how they are counted toward a degree, and the cost of tuition when compared to other institutions of the same size.

The secret is to find the school that is military friendly, in an area that you are comfortable with, and in a price that you can afford. There are literally thousands of schools in America, and many of them are or could be considered military friendly. You can learn a lot about different schools on the Internet. You can contact different schools and ask to speak to someone in the admissions office, or an admissions officer. If you respond to different schools on the Internet sometimes they will contact you by mail or e-mail. Either way, it is a good idea to have a list of specific questions that you are interested in knowing or wish to know. Most of the different questions will fall into four different areas. Tuition and Fees, Non Traditional Credit Opportunities, Accreditation and associations, and General Course information.

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No matter what, you should work to write down the questions you want to ask, and then keep track of the answers.




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