Ramadi Citizens Jump To Defend City

Volunteers Work Hard To Support Joint Operations Ramadi has been an area that has seen a great deal of change as the threat of insurgency and terrorism has been eliminated. There are a large number of citizens in Ramadi that have observed things getting better for their community, and who have came forward to participate in helping to defend and protect their community. The citizens in Ramadi have over the last several months been the most likely to join the Iraqi Security Services, either the Iraqi National Army or the National Police Services. In 2006 when the Coalition soldiers first came into the Ramadi region, there were very few policemen active and those that were did not have training or the ability to fully protect the city. The first two weeks of 2007 saw a huge increase in the number of applicants that applied to become police officers. The turning point seemed to be when a well-known Sheik was ruthlessly murdered. The killers then made things even worse by hiding his body for 3 days violating Islamic tradition. The citizens were shocked and horrified at this act of lawlessness, and they began to kick out the insurgents and terrorists. After the murder, the local citizens seemed to realize that it was not just insurgency; it was their whole life. The community seemed to draw together, and began to care about the conditions in the community. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The number of applications for police officer in Ramadi still remains very high, and the overall confidence and community pride has continued to increase and build.




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