Navy Enlisted Aviation Power Train Jobs

The United States Navy trains personnel to deal with all different parts of the aviation specialty. The Navy Avionics and Aviation Power Train repair field is a highly trained specialty dealing with the repair and upkeep of a number of Navy Aircraft. The Navy uses its aviation assets and its aircraft to transport and patrol, as well as to train personnel. It is the mission of the Navy Aviation maintenance crew and Power Train Specialist to make sure that the aircraft are in proper running order. Navy Aircraft are complex and require a great deal of intense inspection. The Navy Power train specialist is the person that is tasked to make sure that Navy Aircraft are prepared to fly. It is a mission of the Navy Power train and engine repairer works on the large systems and power train on the Navy Aviation Craft. The Navy employs different systems and engine systems and the different types of aircraft that the Navy uses all have different types of transmissions. Training for a Navy Aircraft Power Train and Engine Specialist is ongoing, you receive excellent training in the advanced training as well as ongoing training to keep up with all of the different advances in the field. You will be responsible to deal with rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft, engines, subsystems and other types of repair and maintenance problems. You will supervise the repair and inspection of aircraft that are used on the line, as well as the routine maintenance and replacement of different elements relating to the engines and power trains of such aircraft. You will work to repair, remove adjust and maintain Navy Aircraft, and you can potentially be stationed at any location where the United States Navy serves around the world. You will deal with all different parts of a Navy aircraft powertrain, and work to provide other maintenance assistance as necessary with other Aircraft related tasks. You will work on powertrain quills, rotary tanks, wing hubs, and learn how to adjust, align and balance the different parts that make up a Navy aviation powertrain. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Training starts at Navy basic training, where you will go for 9 weeks to learn all about how to be a Navy enlisted Servicemember. After basic training you will attend 18 weeks of training to learn how to perform as a Navy Power train specialist. You will study in the classroom, as well as simulated field training, and work with experts in all stages of Navy aircraft repair.




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