Spouse Education Military Discounts

There are a great number of programs that are available to Servicemembers that want to get an education, or to use their Montgomery GI Bill benefits. But there are not very many opportunities that are open to dependents and spouses of military Servicemembers. A University located in Iowa program has opened to dependents and spouses of Military Service spouses. Kaplan University is a program that offers distance learning opportunities and in person learning opportunities. Kaplan offered discounts to Servicemember dependents and spouses, first on the day that President Bush first called for more support for transferring GI Benefits to family members. Kaplan University is a facility located in Davenport Iowa and offers a 10 – 15 percent military family discount for active duty Servicemember families who are serving on active duty in the United States Military. This is a discount that is actually available for both Active duty and Selective Reserve Servicemembers and their families. There are over 100 different programs of academic learning that are available for study at Kaplan University. Kaplan knows that service in the Military makes getting a degree harder for many people. Kaplan is a University program that believes both in person education and distance learning are both important and both are needed to encourage people to get a secondary education. Kaplan realizes that in order for many people to attend college they need support, and this is why they expanded to distance learning a number of years ago. Serving in the military is an honor and a privilege and programs such as the Kaplans learning university distance learning program helps make getting an education reality. For those who are actually on active duty, any Servicemember who desires to attend college through distance learning also qualified for a discount, for as much as 15 percent off. This is for all military personnel serving on active duty either stateside or overseas, and can be accessed at any time. The admissions personnel at Kaplan University have an educational team branch dedicated to assistance with military personnel seeking to be admitted. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Kaplan is a 38,000 student campus located both Davenport and online, and in eight campus centers in Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix and Chicago. Most of its students attend in person but the online centers are growing steadily each year.




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