Navy Physical Therapist Specialist

Physical Therapy is an in-depth field, and the Navy Physical Specialist is the person that often deals most in depth with personnel who are injured or wounded on the battlefield. Physical Therapy is a necessity and great help for those who have been injured while serving their country. Physical therapists are the personnel that deal one on one with different military personnel who have needs for physical therapy. Sailors, Airmen, Marines and other military members who need physical therapy are ministered to by a Navy Physical Therapist. They provide services to Servicemembers and help them to recover, whether to resume duty, or to progress to separation because of disability.

Functioning as a Navy Physical Therapist is a very detailed and comprehensive job. You can be stationed literally anyplace that the Navy serves from a small duty station to a larger military base that potentially has several thousand personnel. The position and role of a Navy physical therapist is very important, they serve to help restore health to all military personnel that comes under their care. You will practice comprehensive orthopedic care and physical therapy in hospitals, clinics and other facilities both overseas and in the United States. You will work on board a variety of vessels, or you could be stationed at a military base on shore. Navy physical therapists have some of the most in depth and state of the art training that is available. You will work to help with personnel with injuries and a variety of different conditions. You will work to provide medical care on pediatric stations as well as for adults. You will help personnel to recover from injuries, as well as assisting to prevent injuries and helping with patient recovery for all military women and men that are under your care. You will deal with personnel at all different levels of recovery as well as helping Servicemembers with long-term disabilities.

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You will participate as one link in the recovery chain, and assist patients and their families with recuperation and recovery. Your first duty will traditionally be with a large duty station to help give you additional training. As you work to provide quality care you will be able to make a difference in the care of different military personnel. You will familiarize yourself with different types of medical personnel and be a link in the Navy medical chain.




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What is the pay scale for being a Physical Therapist in the Navy? Do you have to score high on the ASVAB to be a Physical Therapist?

military dot image Kayla McCarty    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I am looking for programs in physical therapy and am interested in your program. I would like to receive information about whether I could do my first four years within the navy and then move on to a college setting or could I do my first four years in a college setting and then go on to finish within the navy? I am a high school senior interested in opportunities in this field. Thank you for your time.

Kayla McCarty

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