Petroleum Enlisted Supply Specialist

Every piece of equipment that the Army has that runs on petroleum based products require fuel. And the Army Petroleum Enlisted Specialist is the person that deals the most often with fueling these types of equipment. Aircraft, watercraft, tanks, trucks, as well as more traditional Army motor pool type of craft all require refueling, and the person that is trained to do so safely is the Petroleum Supply Army Specialist. It takes advanced training to deal with and fuel properly different types of vehicles, they cannot run without a supply of fuel. The Army Petroleum Supply Specialist deals with all of the different types of fuels that are necessary to power the craft, both in the air, on land and on the water that the Army uses. The Petroleum Specialist is the person that is trained to deal with, supervise and maintain safely all of the different fuels, as well as compressed gases. Each of the different types of fuel requires a different set of procedures and operations dealing with the safe handling and proper fueling methods. The Army Petroleum Fuel Specialist deals with managing and supervising the storage, shipping and reception of bulk and packaged petroleum based products. As an Army Petroleum Specialist you will work to; prepare and store different fuels, dispense bulk fuel and water from storage container and distribution sites, storage and moving of petroleum products that are packaged, connecting hoses, pumps, values and other equipment to load tankers, airplanes and other vehicles such as ships and railroad cars, and to observe strict protocol in dealing with fuels of different types safely. You will work to keep strict track of and accounting of all the products, both fuel and bulk water and compressed gases that are in your control. Your training will start with boot camp; you will be required to attend 9 weeks of basic training. After boot camp you will attend 8 additional weeks of training to prepare you for your specialized duties as a fuel and petroleum specialist. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. You will learn about different fuels, and deal with pipeline and tanker equipment, oils and fuels, compressed gases, and other types of materials. If you have an interest in heavy equipment or experience with fueling operations, if you are detail oriented and good with your hands, and if you can follow detailed written and spoken instructions then this may be the job for you.




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