Soldiers Wires Forward Operating Base

Signal Troops Run Cables The soldiers at FOB Delta have been working hard in recent weeks to run cable to a number of different locations at the base. Both electrical, data and voice cables are needed to increase the communications ability, as well as refurbishing the existing capability at the base. Company B, 44th Expeditionary Signal Battalion has been working to string cable and run different electrical lines to various areas at Forward Operating Base Delta. They work to do the lion’s share of the work themselves, as well as supervising a number of Iraqi workmen and contractors that are assisting in the project. Company B of the 44th maintain the electrical lines at FOB Delta as well as the facilities at 12 other sites in the region. The soldier’s work to run fiber optic cable in and out of a number of manholes located at the base, and run communications to whatever sites on the FOB base that need them. “As new buildings are raised the construction process works to wire sites for communications,” said McCay. Captain Kelly McCay is the commander of Company B. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! New Construction is only half of the process; the company also works to refurbish cables that are existing on sites they work at. The crew has ran nearly 26 miles of cable in recent weeks, and they will continue to run cable over the next several months.




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