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There is an education program called the VEAP education assistance. It stands for the Vietnam Veteran Educational Assistance program, and it is for veterans who have paid over a long period of years into the program while they were on Active duty. Eligible veterans, who have served in the Armed Forces during the Post Vietnam or Vietnam Era, are eligible for these benefits when they retire. A Veteran has ten years to use their VEAP benefits and this can be extended for some people for some different types of situations. The VEAP is a program that gives up to 36 months of training benefits which depends on how much that the Veteran paid into their VEAP program while they are on active duty. They can receive money from the VEAP program to pay for the following type of programs: Certifications and tests needed to advance or keep a job, Vocational or technical School training, flight training, college or qualified University training programs, correspondence training, or even high school or GED course. If you served on active duty and have participated in the VEAP program then you may still be eligible. You can transfer some benefits that are claimable under the VEAP program to the Montgomery GI Bill Program. As a rule the benefits that you have under the VEAP program are either as lucrative or more so than the Montgomery Bill program, but you have to examine your own specific benefits to make sure. Transfer or switching over to the Montgomery GI bill is something that is entirely voluntary. Receiving funds under the VEAP program is something that not everyone is qualified for, even if they served during the time periods in question. There are a number of other regulations that apply and regulate the VEAP program, so it’s a good idea to know what your program rights and responsibilities, and benefits are under each of the different education programs. Some things to remember: -Your Total VEAP funds are dependant on how much you contributed on Active Duty. -VA funds for matching may equal up to 2 times your contribution amount. -You may have DoD kicker funds that increase the amount of your funding. These are the things that directly affect the amount of VEAP and education funding that you are eligible to receive. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. After you select the VA training you wish to participate in you should get a VA Form 22-1990, and apply for your military educational funding.




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