Coast Guard Boatswains Mate Careers

The Boatswains Mate is one of the most versatile ratings that is found in the United States Coast Guard. It is known as the Command Rating of the Coast Guard, the Boatswains mate is the rating that senior enlisted personnel serve in that are in command in small boat crew stations. The Coast Guard Boatswain mate is a master and expert of deck rating they work in vessel maintenance, and small boat evolutions. They supervise the deck force and small boat evolutions, and they are expert navigators. Boatswains Mates work to operate winches, hoists, cranes and other equipment that are used to deal with small boat operations and deck ops. Performing the overall mission of the Coast Guard is a challenge, but the Boatswains Mate is in the thick of all of it. Boatswains mates work to stand security watches, perform communications operations, to load cargo, and deal with navigation and other issues. The boatswain’s mate is the more universal rating in the Coast Guard, and they have a general knowledge of ropes, cables and the knowledge on how to use them. Boatswains Mate can be found at nearly every duty station in the Active duty Coast Guard, from small boat stations to large vessels. Boatswain’s mates serve on harbor tugs, ice breakers, and every size vessel found in the Coast Guard fleet. The Boatswains Mate is the Officer in Charge of many tugs, patrol boats, small craft and small shore units including those units involved in search and rescue and aids to navigation. The rating of Boatswain’s mates are federal law enforcement officers that perform different types of boating duty, and performing boat inspections, and they represent the best service traditions in the Coast Guard on shore and on sea. To become a Coast Guard Boatswains mate you will start with 9 weeks of boot camp held in Cape May New Jersey. After boot camp, you will attend Class A school in Yorktown Virginia, which is training for Petty Officer school and also the rating training for the Boatswains Mate billet. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. After attending 12 weeks of technical training covering navigation, rules of the road, International seamanship, communications and other types of seamanship and training. Further training can be achieved at Buoy Deck School, Heavy weather Coxswains school, and other Class C training opportunities.




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If i was prior enlisted army as an E-4 and wanted to join the CG Reserves. How long would the wait for Class A School be for me after basic training? Also how does my rank in the army effect my coast guard rank. do i move laterally? any truthful help would be appreciated

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