Injured Soldier Gets Free Home Thanks to Generous Charity Organization

In New Bern, North Carolina an injured Army sergeant by the name of Eric Emundson and his family are enjoying a free custom-built home created by the generosity and hard work of Homes for Our Troops, a charity organization. The house is particularly special because it is designed in a way to make wheelchair transportation easier for Eric, who became seriously injured after an accident with a roadside bomb.

This brings a bit of joy to an individual that suffered so much. Although he didn’t die after his accident, his quality of life became drastically reduced. He cannot walk, talk, eat or drink. The only thing he can do is move his legs. However, through his leg movement, he is able at least move himself around in his wheelchair.

The cost of the home was amazingly affordable, with a price tag of only $5,000. Part of the reason things were inexpensive is became many of the construction materials had been donated from over a dozen businesses in the New Bearn area. In fact, since Homes for Our Troops was able to build on such a low budget, they have several thousand left over for creation of a home for another soldier.

Volunteers in the organization are very proud of their accomplishments with Eric’s home and are anxious for being able to help with the construction of the next home. The process of building is a lot of work for them, but when they see the smiles on the faces of the people they help, they feel that it is all worth it in the end.




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