Army Jump School Education Training

Each Branch of the service used to have its own school for training and educational issues. As the country prepared to move into the new century, the United States Military worked to consolidate efforts and begin to share different military special training and vocational schools. This allowed for standardization of effort and to eliminate duplication of effort across the military training spectrum. One of the things that was consolidated in the late 1990s was military parachute jump school. There was previously three different military jump schools that taught the same basic materials with only a slightly different approach. The United States Army Jump school was created and established under the 507th Infantry, 1st Airborne Battalion, assumed command leadership. The United States Army Jump School is the premier place to learn and be certified as “Jump Qualified.” The United States Military Paratrooper, whether the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, or even one of the department of defense or other federal agencies all face the same training now. The Jump School is the facility that trains all of the military in parachute and parachute training operations. The consolidation allows not only for savings with consolidating methods and equipment, but also benefits using personnel that have had the same training across the United States Military Spectrum. Even special Operations and Navy SEALS train at the Army Jump School and they receive the basic training in parachute operations that all members attending Army parachute Jump school receive. A wide variety of jobs and billets are required to attend jump school. Forward Operating Air Traffic controllers, Special Boat Crews, Air Crew Members, Medics, Combat Controllers, Paramedics, combat infantry, the list of different jobs and specialists thjat are required to attend military parachute jump school is fairly long. Anyone that attends the Army standard 21 day basic Parachute Jump school is required to demonstrate a level of physical training and intensive physical fitness. There are three parts of the Army basic Jump parachute training; Ground week, Tower Week and Jump Week. The stage where personnel actually jump out of live aircraft using real parachutes is the final phase, or jump week. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! If the personnel has listened closely during Ground week, and in the preparation Tower Week, then the actual Jump Week normally goes smoothly and without any hitches. Safety is the watchword for all personnel during the training.




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