Give An Hour Counseling Support Benefits

Many people that return from proud service in the War on Terror or service overseas come back with some heavy experiences that they have experienced. Serving on the battlefield and in combat can cause a lot of heavy-duty emotional trauma. There are options to receiving counseling and help but if it is a result of post traumatic stress, or emotional issues then it can leave a black mark on a persons service record. This can be especially intense if the soldier is a member of the infantry, or soldiers that are known for their courage on the battlefield. Seeking emotional counseling or psychological help can result in being looked down on by their command or fellow soldiers. There are a few different and innovative solutions that are available for people that are struggling and do not wish to have treatment that they get from their chain of command. If a Servicemember is in a combat related field they can be viewed as incapable of handling stress or weak, which is not what the situation is at all. For this reason there is a new program that will give support and counseling assistance to individuals in the military. It is called Give An Hour, and it is a not for profit program that is designed to give Servicemembers an option outside of their Military Command or chain of command. It is designed to provide an option for military Servicemembers who are returning from combat service and who need to speak to someone, or to receive counseling. It is a safe, confidential and private method of getting mental health care and support, and the care will not be listed directly on their service record. Many Military Servicemembers are hesitant to get help because they are afraid to have counseling listed on their service record. Because of this, Military Servicemembers often ignore or avoid clear warning signs or ignore triggers, and they are suffering needlessly without getting help. Give an Hour is a nationwide resource for all Veterans, but especially for members of the military who are currently returning from Afghanistan or Iraq and who are having a difficult time re adjusting to civilian life. There are no quick fixes, but if a person has someone to talk to and help understand what is happening to them, then they can be empowered to make good decisions, in case further treatment or counseling is necessary. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The Give An Hour program is maintained by different professionals that donate their time, and list their involvement using a web site. Users list their zip code and are referred to a local professional in their area for support and assistance.




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