US Army Social Work Careers

The United States Army has a number of different careers available in the military social work area for those that are interested in dealing with people. If you seek to be involved in Social work in the Army, then the there is a place for you in the enlisted Army ranks. You can work as a clinical professional assisting different Army personnel and help people on a one on one basis, as well as dealing with different Servicemembers in a variety of group settings. This is a field with a number of different clinical enlisted worker specialties that is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States Army. Working with Soldiers, Marines and other military personnel is a rewarding and challenging job for the social work specialist in the Army. Servicemembers and Military personnel have a great number of the same type of life situations as those people that are found in different civilian and private sector situations. Intense stress, and long separations plus the stresses of trying to maintain a family life while working in the Armed Forces can be in itself quite a challenge, and it can lead to a number of various strong emotionally charged settings. Having a trained professional Army social work specialist to help people and military Servicemembers in dealing with different life situations can benefit all those involved. You will help to provide referral, counseling and support, and help direct different parties to receive the support and aid that they need in dealing with commonplace and routine, as well as extreme and unusual life situations and settings. There are often personal and family issues that Army Servicemembers and military Servicemembers from other services also often had different things that they struggle to deal with. The Army social worker specialist is a person that aids in getting solutions and helping Servicemembers and their families to get the necessary aid and support that they seek. Working in an Army Support and Family Services setting is a challenge but one that is made easier by the professional support and encouragement that you will have with other Army professionals in the social work and medical field. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. You will assist Veterans and their families find therapy and mental and emotional help services, and help support military families. You will support Servicemembers in dealing with issues such as delayed stress, post traumatic stress and other emotional and physical illnesses that directly impact Army Servicemember life and the lives of their families.




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What sort of degree is required to be a social work specialist?

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