US Navy Personnel Service Careers

The Navy has talented people that serve to deal with their personnel issues, and serving in the Navy as a personnel support specialist can be one of the most rewarding Navy Careers that exist. Dealing with US Navy Servicemembers, and their families allows a person to deal with people, their situations and their problems, and to provide direct intervention and solutions to the various personnel related issues that enlisted people face. Working as a US Navy personnel specialist gives a person a lot of different job skills that are transferable to the private sector and the civilian world after they get out of the Navy. The people that work in US Navy personnel deal with the different lives of the more than 380,000 Sailors, Airmen and Officers, and their families. Navy Personnel specialists give support, advice, and career and education counseling, as well as assisting in organization and management of different administrative type duties. The Navy Personnel specialist provides education counseling, brief legal aid and referral, as well as a number of other personnel support and assistance type issues. In the United States Navy, people are the priority and the US Navy personnel specialist rating is one that is very people oriented. You will help to make sure the needs of individual Navy enlisted personnel are met, and you will be part of a trained and skilled team assisting individual Navy personnel with their different job, housing and personal situations. Enlisted people who are a team players, enjoy detail work, and who are good with different types of paperwork make great Navy Personnel specialists. If you choose the US Navy personnel specialty as your rating you will be involved in; -Operate various office related equipment. -Give support and assistance to chaplains and help support activities of a religious nature. -Address and write official reports, letters and various types of correspondence. -Maintain and keep up to date a variety of logbooks and written records -Issue work orders and inspection requests. -Operate and maintain legal, personnel, and administrative records. -Manage and operate ministry facilities on shore, aboard ship, and overseas. -Use, maintain and operate computers, personal computers, PDA devices and telephones. -Assist Sailors with clerical, administrative and family hardships or special issues and problems. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Training for Enlisted Navy personnel jobs is both formal schooling, and also on the job training. If you have excellent people skills and are interested in working in a business office environment this may be the job for you.




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