ROTC Navy Educational Opportunities

The United States Navy maintains a number of different opportunities that lead to commissioning as a United States Naval officer. There is attending the US Naval Academy in Maryland, or attending Officer Candidate School. In addition there is a method called the Reserve Officer Training Corps, or ROTC. It is a method that a person can use to get a college education and upon graduation they are able to earn a commission in the United States Military as a US Navy Ensign. Becoming an officer in the Navy is not just a side benefit, but the main benefit is the ability to receive a scholarship-funded education that covers books, tuition and fees, as well as providing a small stipend for those that participate. Dealing with getting an education can be a real challenge, and participating in the US Navy ROTC program is one method to get a college education, and a way of serving your country at the same time. It is an option that you may want to consider as a method of paying for your education while learning and receiving training in military preparation. After you graduate with a four-year degree, you will have a term of required service to serve in the Active Duty United States Navy. You will serve the United States Navy as a commissioned officer, and after your initial service commitment, you will be allowed to either re enlist or to leave the service. But either way, participation in the United States Navy ROTC program allows a person to receive a quality education, often for no cost (on scholarship) and receive some of the best training in the free world. The United States Navy established the ROTC program about 60 years ago to train and create a pool of educated and trained young officers for the US Navy and Marine Corps to draw upon. Those that complete their education and degree and graduate are commissioned as a Marine Corps 2nd Lieutenant or a US Navy Ensign. The US Navy ROTC scholarship is lucrative and covers full tuition, books, fees and other expenses. It gives the recipient in addition a small monthly payment or stipend each month for living expenses. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The ROTC scholarship program is a positive thing for our country, it gives each of the Services a ready trained supply of quality trained military officers, while giving young people personal and educational support as they work to achieve their personal goals.




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I am interested in the naval academy and naval prep or US ROTC naval program.
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