Ambassador Notes Positive Iraq Changes

Ryan Crocker Speaks Of Baghdad Security Improvements Iraq is enjoying a lot of success in security overall as well as economic political and public relations progress. The overall environment is one that is conducive to supporting the Iraqi Government. “We are pleased that the security situation has improved for the better,” said Ambassador Ryan Crocker. “We can work with the Iraqi government and deal with positive compromises as elections are approaching.” In all different areas of Iraqi life the situation on the ground is improving. New construction, new efforts to maintain security, as well as improvements in communication between Iraqi soldiers and coalition forces are all getting better and better. Part of the difference is that the Iraqi government has been learning and growing and is now able to provide leadership where previously they were out of their element. The leaders at the local and national levels of Iraqi government have shown that they are able to provide strong effective and assertive leadership when it comes to mounting patrols, and efforts to keep criminal and insurgent elements out of the region. The intolerance that the government is showing for acts of a criminal nature show insurgents that they are not welcome. This tends to make them move out of the area rather than trying to stay where forces are mobilized against them. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The climate of the Iraqi nation for safety and security has slowly changed for the better. Each of the positive changes only serve to support the efforts in making Iraq a attractive place to live.




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