Network Of Al Qaeda Propaganda Thwarted

Coalition And Iraqi Security Cooperation Crucial The terrorist forces in Iraq have just not been the same since the surge. Now that the security has passed into Iraqi Security Forces leadership, the Coalition has been at full sail, free to go wherever they wish to support trouble spots or areas they observe have a hard time with security. Coalition security efforts are still in full swing, and they have been battering the terrorist propaganda network in the region surrounding Baghdad. During a recent raid last Saturday, two terrorists were killed and 15 other alleged insurgents were captured and taken into custody for questioning. One man that drew a weapon and refused to surrender was killed, and another tried to get to his weapon and refused to freeze and follow coalition soldiers directions. Information from this operation allowed several other patrols in the region, and they led to several more suspects and two more caches of explosives and weapons. The coalition has experienced a target rich environment that have given them a large opportunity to achieve positive security aims. In Mosul, the Coalitioin captured an Al Qaeda agent and three other suspected terror suspects last Sunday. The captured Al Qaeda agent is a person sought in connection with a hidden terror cell that is believed responsible for several recent road side bombings. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Six different suspects that fled as soldiers approached were caught and held for questioning, and the house that the suspects were hiding in also had a large amount of explosives in it.




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