Air Defense Tactical Operations Specialist

The Army Field Artillery Tactical Operations Specialist is a vital member of the Army Field Artillery. They are responsible to detect and track aircraft, and to broadcast information and early warning material. You will act as an intelligence source and compiler of information and material for your unit, and gather information for your Air Defense Unit. Artillery are weapons that fire large bore ammunition and missiles, to support infantry and tanks on the battlefield and in combat. Working as a Tactical operations and Air Defense Specialist you will work to operate equipment and maintain support of early warning systems. As a member of the Army Field Artillery Tactical Operations team you will be responsible to operate and supervise personnel in the maintenance and operation of different types of operations early warning systems. You will be able to sit for long periods of time and because of this you must have good physical stamina and work for long periods of time without a break. You should possess good vision and hearing, and you should not be color blind in any way. This is especially important as you will have to be able to interpret and decipher different materials, charts, and types of ammunition that are all color-coded. The job of Air Defense and Tactical Operations specialist is highly specialized, and requires a lot of training. You will start with Basic Combat training for 9 weeks where you will learn about the Army, its mission and how to be a soldier. Then, you will progress to additional individual advanced training. You will learn in both simulated battle conditions and in the classroom, and receive training, which will enable you to function as a Tactical Air Defense Operations specialist. Army Air Defense Tactical Operations Specialist is a job specialty that will involve artillery methods, tactics, methods of computer and manual target location, and how to handle artillery ammunition of various types. You will receive certification as a qualified member of an Army Artillery Field team, and receive a special focus on warning and early detection. You will be trained both in your specialty and as a member of the Army Field Artillery team. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! If you remain calm during a number of different stressful situations, and if you are a person that enjoys working as a member of a team, then you may be well suited to perform in the Army in this specialty. This is a job that requires precise concentration and the ability to be focused and avoid distractions.




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