Military Enlistment Bonus Benefits

Serving in the United States Armed Forces on active duty takes commitment, and a desire to apply yourself to military life. Our forces are still all volunteer members, and as such we still have the most technologically advanced and proficient military force in the world. No other nation has a military that is better than ours, and we are a proud nation and a better country for having our proud Servicemembers. One of the ways that the different services, including the US Navy encourage citizens to enlist is by using bonuses and incentives for enlistment. Certain types of jobs take a special level of commitment, or a special level of training. And because of this, some of these jobs are eligible for either an initial enlistment bonus, or a re enlistment bonus. All jobs in the US Navy are important, and all are highly valued. But some types of jobs take a special level of knowledge, training or commitment, or they are involved in a higher level of risk. Some of these jobs involve all of these factors, and there is always a struggle to find enough candidates for certain types of US Navy Jobs. Not all jobs pay bonuses, and not all bonuses are available at all times, the need and payment of bonuses in the Armed Forces, and in the US Navy can be fluid, depending on the needs of the service. There are many different types of jobs that periodically pay bonuses, because of their requirements for knowledge, skills, risk or need for intense training. These are jobs that the Servicemember or candidate is rewarded for signing up for to help give an incentive for people to join and enlist in these particular job ratings and career choices in the Military. This is not a bonus that is available for every job in the Navy, but only for certain jobs and skills that the Navy deems are in high demand. Many types of jobs offer bonuses at different times, but there are several that are often on the enlistment bonus list. These jobs include: -Special Warfare and US Navy Special Operations (SEALS and Special Forces). -Navy Special Divers. -Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialists. -Parachute Specialists. -Combat Watercraft Crewmembers. -United States Nuclear Power Specialists And Submarine Crewmembers. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Special Pay Scales- There are also different pay levels that enlisted personnel can qualify for. There is pay for such things as Sea Pay, Flight Duty Pay, Diving Pay, Foreign Language Pay, Battle Zone or Combat Pay, Overseas Pay, Parachute Pay, and other types of special duty pay. These are to help compensate Servicemembers for their services that are over and above, or that require additional risk or skills.




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