Marine Corps Infantry Careers

Enlisting in the Marine Corps and serving in the infantry is a specialty with a long proud tradition. A member of the infantry will work constructing barriers and barricades, digging foxholes, transporting equipment as well as other physical requirements are some of the many different duties that a infantryman in the Marine Corps are involved in. You will work to attend Marine Corps military training for 9 weeks starting in basic combat training. After learning how to be a Marine Corps enlisted individual and member of the Marine Corps team in boot camp, then you will progress to further training for between 9 and 11 weeks. You will learn and train on various infantry procedures, and you will learn in both simulated battle training, and in training in the classroom. State of the Art training and instruction will give you fresh soldier skills and give you instructions on infantry training and procedures. You will be trained using a variety of equipment and weapons training that will help you work as an expert member of a fire team and as a Marine Corps Infantry member. Infantry Servicemembers in the Marine Corps work as a member of a mortar platoon, mortar squad or section. You will also receive weapons and equipment training that will help you perform as an Infantryman on a fire team. The Marine Corps Infantry specifically supervises or is a team member on a mortar squad, mortar platoon or section. Some of the Infantryman skills that you will learn include; locating and disarming mine, employing and firing different infantryman weapons. You will work to use combat skills, including man-to-man personnel drills, martial arts training, and various intense combat training skills. You will carry out missions of scouting and orders of battle, and use different types of signal and two-way equipment. Radios to relay instructions and camouflaging methods will function as further training as you progress in your infantryman training. You will work to use crew methods and individual training to implement tactics using defensive weapons and offensive combat operations. You will use different items that can be delivered by parachute or dropped in bulk from airplanes that transport infantry troops, infantry weapons and supplies. The Infantryman in the Marine Corps is the literal backbone of the ground forces of the United States Marine Corps. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! During peacetime it is the mission of the Infantry to be prepared at a moments notice to defend our country. After technical school you will have the opportunity to keep your skills current by participation in training exercises, and different war games.




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