Nuclear Power Navy Education Program

The United States Navy has one of the most advanced Nuclear training programs in the world, and the US Navy Nuclear Power education program is world known for the quality and expert training that its graduates receive. Since the first Submarine that was Nuclear powered made its debut in the 1950s the United States Navy has had an active Nuclear Training operations program to give the young sailors that are in the program the high tech and in depth training needed to care for an maintain a Nuclear reactor and Nuclear Submarine. The first American Nuclear Submarine was the USS Nautilus, and ever since the Nautilus the United States Navy Nuclear Power program has grown and taught students about Nuclear reactors and Nuclear power generation. The United States Navy maintains the most technologically advanced training in the free world in their Nuclear Power school located in South Carolina. Training for Nuclear Power Reactor Operators is considered so advanced that graduates are considered to have an educational level above a Bachelors Degree. The Nuclear Power School training program was established to train personnel for service on vessels that have a nuclear power reactor or nuclear power plant on them. The United States Navy uses Nuclear power reactors on their submarines and selected surface vessels. It was created to establish a trained force of sailors that are able to maintain and operate Nuclear reactors on board United States Navy vessels safely and efficiently. To qualify for the Navy Nuclear training program a Navy enlisted sailor has to have graduated from their specific Class A school for their rating, for example Electronics Technician or Machinist Mate. If they have successfully graduated from their Class A school they are then able to apply for Navy Nuclear Power Reactor training school. Only the top 3 percent of all sailors that apply for the program are accepted, it is a highly competitive program that only accepts the very top candidates that apply. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! It is a very advanced program, and fast paced. Classes are in depth and about 45 hours a week and an additional 20-40 hours a week of homework and study. Students have to study in the classroom because the material is classified as top secret and cannot leave the classroom.




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