Patriotic Appreciation Education Funding

Many different groups and organizations provide education funding for people that are in the enlisted United States Armed Forces, and who are interested in obtaining a college education. There are many that are fairly well known, but none is as creative or innovative as the funding and scholarship money that is available through the “ThanksUSA,” organization. Different groups that work with or are part of the “ThanksUSA” group are supportive and patriotic citizen led organizations. They work to provide different funding sources, money and scholarship sources for Servicemembers, their dependents, and military Spouses. These groups have different scholarships that have requirements that military Servicemembers and their families can apply for. These scholarships are used to obtain an education, or to attend classes in technical, vocational, or university and college opportunities in getting an education. ThanksUSA is a non profit, non partisan charity that is working to mobilize Americans to show their thanks for the efforts of their Armed Forces Servicemembers. In an effort to show their thanks, Americans can contribute to ThanksUSA and these funds are used for scholarships for any Veteran, dependant, or the spouse of a Servicemember. Servicemembers that are looking to get an education, or who have family members who want to get an education are encouraged to apply for the different types of scholarship funds that are available through the ThanksUSA patriotic groups and organizations. All Dependent children of Active Duty Servicemembers, aged 24 years or younger, and all spouses of Servicemembers of the United States Armed Forces are eligible to apply for scholarship funds with ThanksUSA. The definition of Active Duty is anyone that has been on active duty in the military since September 11th, 2001 for 180 days or more in a row. It also consists of anyone that has been wounded, or the survivor of anyone that has been killed while on active duty. Dependents from all five of the United States Armed Forces are eligible. This includes Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Army, and Navy, Air Force, and even the children or survivors of personnel serving in the United States Merchant Marines. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Applicants for these ThanksUSA scholarships must be enrolled or scheduled to attend a two or four-year university, technical or vocational school. They must be at least a 2.5 GPA student, and they must be a citizen of the United States.




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