Agriculture Boosted By Iraqi Greenhouses

New Models Each More Than 500 Square Feet A series of new greenhouses has been established in Mahmudiyah for the use of farmers and different Iraqi citizens. They are a dominant feature in the area, and they can be seen from several miles away. Soldiers from the 320th Field Artillery, Civil Affairs Military Operations have worked to construct the greenhouses as a method of support for the region, and to assist in the rebuilding. The four greenhouses are more than 500 meters square meters in diameters, and they use agricultural plastic refill sheets to form the exterior. The sheets work to convert ultra violet rays into head to create a healthy climate for plants to grow in. The overall greenhouse pilot project is one that combines local agriculture to help with the development and research. The greenhouse houses are on lease for one year to the Agricultural Union to educate local farmers on. The cubic square footage of drip irrigation system is one that supports healthy plant development. All of the greenhouses are on independent values which mean that each can be used for irrigation separately. The ePRT came to the local officials to give support for the greenhouse effort, and it has been well received by the citizens and local officials. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! This is a pilot greenhouse process that is being implemented in other areas in and around Iraq. The overall effort has been one of organization and support for Farmers.




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