Army Construction Equipment Repair

The Army is constantly building and constructing things. Construction is a major part of the ongoing Army mission, and it serves to keep the military readiness of the Army on point and prepared. The Army works only as well as the equipment and the machinery that it runs on. Construction Equipment repair in the Army is a very wide field; you have an opportunity to work on a number of different types of vehicles. Repair trucks, power shovels, bulldozers, as well as graders, and other large construction equipment are often in need of repair. Working as Construction Equipment repairer is a job that is very hands on, working with tools and other equipment to effect repairs. Repairs on equipment used for rock crushing, asphalt and concrete mixing, road surfacing, air compression, power bridging, pneumatic tools, loading and lifting, rock crushing and quarrying. Serving in this job will entail using and maintaining brake actuators, starter motors, alternators, hydraulic cylinders, batteries, and mechanical fuel pumps. You will work on a lot of different and varied equipment, and be responsible for identifying and repairing equipment that breaks down, repairing it in support of the Army mission. You will have an opportunity to work on equipment including: troubleshooting problems in vehicle engines, electrical systems, suspensions and brake systems, adjusting and maintaining engines of all kinds both gasoline and diesel, and working to troubleshoot vehicle problems. Training starts with 9 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training, and followed by 8 to 29 weeks of individual advanced training in equipment repair. Part of this training you will work on hands on training in the field, and also classroom training. You will learn tune up and engine repair, how to troubleshoot electrical and mechanical equipment problems, and replacement and repair of radiators, fenders and body panels. If you have an interest in shop mechanics, electricity and math, and a demonstrated ability to use tools, then this may be the job for you. You will have a chance to work and demonstrate your new skill sets as you learn on the job. Your first duty station will likely be a large shop, where you will continue your training and apprenticeship working with experienced mechanics and shop repair personnel. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. As you rise in experience and rank, then you will eventually be assigned to smaller shops during your Army career, including the eventual opportunity to observe, instruct and train more junior personnel.




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