Navy Enlisted Physical Therapy Careers

One of the more underrated jobs in the Navy is the enlisted physical therapy specialist. People who are injured or wounded often require assistance and physical therapy to heal. Physical Therapy is very valuable for different groups of people who are wounded, or who have been injured in a variety of ways. There are a number of different physical Therapy jobs that most people are not aware of. Pain, immobility and other injuries are dealt with by Navy Physical Therapists and they deal with members of the military and their dependants. Servicemembers who are treated, airmen, sailors, marines and other military members who receive treatment are often able to return to active duty following their treatment. After treatment and healing they are often able to return to their military duty and their careers.

Members of the Navy Physical Therapy profession serve in a very comprehensive career field. They can be stationed literally anyplace that the United States Navy serves, from large military bases with several thousand personnel to small duty stations. The role of the Navy physical therapist is very important, they help military personnel recover from injuries and pain of different intensity and different levels. You will work to provide comprehensive physical therapy and orthopedic care to personnel in hospitals, clinics and other facilities. You will work with personnel on duty overseas and in the United States.

Serve Everywhere!

You will practice at shore based stations or vessels such as aircraft carriers, destroyers, cruisers and other Navy vessels. You will work in injuries and assist in the recovery of patients from numerous types of injuries. Military woman and women under your care will progress with recovery and overall recuperation. You will work with health care providers, occupational therapy specialists, and top rated Navy physicians to make a difference. You will work with small groups and patience in working on different levels of treatment and ambulatory exercise goals and activities.

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Your first duty station will typically be on a larger base to help give you experience with dealing with a physical therapy team. You will apprentice as part of the occupational therapy field and deal with procedures and methods involved in physical therapy. You will have opportunities that come with the job to work with a variety of medical professionals, doctors and Navy medical personnel.




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military dot image Christen Cool    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I”m very interested in doing physical therapy for the navy. I would like to know more about the job in its self. Like what I need to do to become a physical therapist. I understand that its hard as a female to get into the medical field, but I know I have what it takes.
Thank you for time,
Christen Cool

military dot image Christina    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I hope to start physical therapy school next fall. I was wondering what physical therapy job openings they have in the US military? As of now I only see positions within the Navy. What are the requirements to get in? Will the military help pay off loans for physical therapy school?

Thanks for the info!

military dot image Isaac    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

You can also be a physical therapist in the army. And the military doesn’t pay off loans or debt they only pay for college after you have completed 4 years of service, the only exception would be if you are In an ROTC program at a college.

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