Army Field Communications Careers

An enlisted Army Communications Field Specialist serves as a person that deals with both hardware and software systems. These systems include radio, Teletype, computer networks, telephone switching systems, cryptographic equipment and other various network systems. It is a position that uses various computers, radios and other communication type gear. It can include working on the design, operation, installation, and connection of different types of communications networks. These are the Army communications networks that receive, transmit and process information and data. An Army soldier that serves in this specialty must have command and control of the overall command and control missions of the United States Army. A soldier must have good basic manual skills, and proficiency in language and other skills. A soldier serving as a Field Communications Army specialist should be able to quickly master new methods, new ideas and new concepts. You should be able to interact with others in technical matters on a daily basis, and should be able to master and study communications, systems networks, and other different military systems. The Army Communications Field Specialist should be able to work with others in a cooperative approach, and to be able to function as a single soldier without a lot of close supervision. You should have the ability to work under stressful situations and to work under deadline type conditions. The typical control and command billet for Army Communications Field Specialist requires being able to pass a security clearance, and to obtain a Top Secret Clearance. This means that you should not have been convicted of any crime, except for possibly minor traffic offenses. The Army Communications field specialist can be assigned to perform work as a field-switching operator, an Army radio network operator, or as a radio field systems specialist. Training for an Army Communications Field Operator means you attend Army Basic Training for 9 weeks. After you graduate from Army Basic Combat training you will advance to attend Army communications training school. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will learn radio communications method, procedures for operations in field communications, basic radio and electrical theory, hardware and software systems training, as well as other electronic, computer and communications training. There is apprenticeship training and credit available to earn civilian credit while on active duty.




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