Navy Deployment Education Programs

Many people enlist in the United States Navy, and then while serving on active duty they work to attend classes. This is a real challenge for many people, and can be a daunting effort for most people. There is a series of programs that are designed to help you attend college classes while you are serving on active duty, sometimes even in an active combat area. Tuition Assistance- You can receive full tuition funding while you are serving in the US Navy, or on active duty with any of the five Armed Forces. Each of the Armed Services has some form of TA funding, and they all feature 100 percent funding for tuition. This program also pays for some fees, but for the most part, it only pays for tuition only, not for books or other education expenses. Even so, it can be a very lucrative program for most active duty Servicemembers.

Deployment Navy Education Program- This is a series of smaller plans and educational programs that work together to support active duty Navy personnel, afloat, overseas, ashore, or anywhere they are serving in the US Navy on active duty. There are different programs and academic institutions that participate in the program, and they work to offer and support different courses that Navy Active Duty personnel can sign up to take. Servicemembers that are participating in this program study on their own, and work independently on different college level coursework and material. Different academic facilities and colleges cooperative with the United States Navy Education Coursework Command, to approve and identify Senior Navy enlisted personnel that are qualified to act as instructors. The academic schools form contracts with these personnel to act on their behalf, and they function as instructors. They teach courses most often at the unit level, and teach students wherever the students Navy unit is deployed. This can be overseas, aboard a US Navy vessel, or in courses stateside, but they tend to be where Navy students are deployed overseas. It is often utilized in combat situations such as soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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The mission or unit commanders attempt to schedule times that unified course instruction can occur. They work to make sure that the student can attend coursework when ever possible, and try to schedule classes where they will not interfere or detract from the mission of the Navy.




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