Operation Cougar Store Aids IED Detection

Al Qaeda Denied Opportunities To Gather And Plan One of the most successful issues that the coalition has participated in recently has been the ability to continue to deny areas to Al Qaeda. By being able to cooperatively deny areas to insurgents and terrorists from Al Qaeda, the coalition has been successful in keeping the region free from terrorist elements. Members from 2nd Squadron, 2nd Styker Cavalry Regiment have labored right alongside their Iraqi counterparts, doing irregular and unscheduled patrols, and working to sweep members of different insurgent groups out of the Bacqubah region. The recently completed Operation Cougar Storm has served to deny the entire area around Baqubah and surrounding villages from Al Qaeda, and to make sure that the region keeps key routes open and free from IED explosive devices. Overall, the Iraq Security Forces have done very well, and the coalition has been playing the support and advisor role for several months. Using the recent Cougar Storm operation to keep the area free of terrorists was a Iraqi led mission, but it was successful and had a lot of coalition participation. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Members of the Coalition worked to patrol with members of the Iraqi Security forces, and their combined efforts have been well greeted by Iraqi citizens. Many of the citizens have began to join the Iraqi Army and National Police, as well as enthusiastically participating in the Sons Of Iraq program.




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