Army Enlisted Utility Specialist

Working as an Army utilities equipment specialist you will be responsible for repair and supervision of special purpose equipment and utilities support systems. The Army uses equipment every day that runs on electricity. You will be a member of the Army maintenance team, and work on various equipment such as electrical tools, electric motors and large-scale electric equipment. As a member of the Army’s Utilities Equipment specialty you will be responsible for making sure that all of the electrical equipment in Army use is in proper running condition. Some of the duties and responsibilities you will be involved in can involve repairing and testing electric motors, such as pumps and lathes, repairing and inspecting electronic test equipment. You will work to use test and repair equipment to maintain and repair a variety of utilities and Army electrical systems and sub systems. Some of the different responsibilities you will have as an Army Utilities Equipment Repair Specialist may include: repairing and inspecting electrical equipment, replacing and sealing electrical equipment in watertight operations, repairing gasoline engine systems and maintenance of electric systems, air conditioners, and other electric heat and portable electric Army tools and equipment. If you have an attribute in electricity, math or shop mechanics, or if you have any experience in industrial arts this may be the job for you. This specialty requires the ability and proficiency in using a variety of tools, and an aptitude in electronics or an interest in electric motors is helpful. You will work with both senior and inexperienced Utilities Equipment repair personnel on a utilities repair team. After spending 9 weeks in Basic Combat Training you will advance to specialized training. Following your time in boot camp, you will spend 12 weeks working in simulated field conditions and in the classroom. You will learn basic electrical theory, and study hydraulics, pneumatic as well as other skills. The ability and training that you receive as a Utilities Equipment Repair Specialist will serve you well after you leave the Army you will have skills and experience that will be in high demand in the private sector. You will be able to work with telephone or telecommunications companies, or a public utility sector job. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! You will learn repair and maintenance procedures of electrical tools, electrical appliances, and electrical equipment used in the Army mission. You will be taught how to troubleshoot and repair systems using electronic and mechanical test equipment.




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