320th Field Artillery Assist Councilors

Area Near Victory Base Complex Kept Safe Soldiers from both the Iraqi Security Forces and the Coalition work hard to patrol the villages and countryside in Iraq to keep the citizens safe. The overall security has been assumed by the ISF forces, and they are now working hard to lead the efforts in security in the region. Many families had previously fled the area near Victory Base starting in 2003 because of the battle and combat that was occurring everywhere in the region. Slowly things started to come back to normal, and it will work to stay that way with the efforts of joint Iraq and Coalition forces. The soldiers from the 320th Field Artillery , 1st battalion, headquarters and headquarters battery work closely with the Iraqi soldiers, going on daily patrols and interacting with the citizens that live and work near the coalition Victory Base complex. Both the Iraqi Security Forces and the Coalition have representatives that are meeting with citizens, and attending local meetings with leaders. This effort has led to improved communications and projects that can now be addressed by Iraqi leaders and coalition members. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The mission for the region is simple: keep all people in the area safe and able to work, attend school and to work to identify programs that will continue to rebuild Iraq and reconstruct the facilities that impact daily lives for all Iraqi citizens.




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