Marine Corps Enlisted Aviation Support

The United States Marine Corps have members that serve in the infantry, as well as a variety of other military roles. One of the jobs that Marine Corps enlisted Servicemembers perform in the Marine Corps is the job of Aviation Support. The Marines maintain a whole fleet of different aircraft, including the AV-8B Harrier Jump Jet, AH-1W Attack Cobra Helicopters, F-18 Jet Fighters, even KC-130 refueling tankers. These are used in Marine Corps missions and launch from Marine Corps and US Navy installations around the world. To keep the fleet of Marine Corps aviation aircraft in the air and ready for missions the Marine Corps rely on its personnel, and chief among them is the Aviation Support specialist. United States Marine Corps Aviation specialist is a job classification that maintains trained and combat ready flight personnel. The jobs that are included in the Marine Aviation Support specialty involve; aviation Weather Service Support, electronics and Aviation electronics, weapons support system technicians, and aviation Operations. The Marine Corps was the first of the United States Armed Services to use the Harrier Jump Jet built by the British. The AV- 8A is a VTOL type of aircraft, that is it is able to take off and land vertically. The Marine Corps also is putting the new MV-22 tilt rotor Osprey Aircraft into service. It is the aircraft that was designed to take the place of the aging CH-53A Sea Stallion Aircraft. A Marine Corps program was started in 1978 to re vamp the military state of readiness. The base at Twenty Nine Palms California was designated as an air ground combat support and aviation combat support center. This designation allows the methods testing and evaluation of different combined arms missions and direct air support Marine Corps missions. Starting in 1978 groups of Marine Corps Aviation personnel began to cycle through the California base for advanced training. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The aviation support specialist in the Marine Corps works to support and maintain aircraft, and may be assigned to a number of different squadrons. The success and pride of the aviation support division rests partly on the service of its support aviation specialists. They have a close working relationship with their pilots, and the aircraft that they maintain.




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Wow, aesmoewly written and heartfelt. What a great opener. Thank you allowing the rest of us humble citizens to take part in your journey.

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Regarding Enlisted USMC Aviation

Looking for info and/or sources for enlisted USMC Aviation prior to WW1 for use in writing a book on USMC Aviation from the start.
Thank you in advance ……
Walt Wick, LtCOL, USAF (ret)

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