Navy SEALS: Special Operations Navy Specialist

The United States Navy has one of the most well known specialists in the Special operations field, the famous Navy SEAL. SEAL stands for Sea, Air, and Land, and they work to help perform a variety of missions both on land, at sea, and sometimes in the Air.

Who Is The Navy SEAL?

The Navy SEAL is a highly trained Servicemember who performs missions that can be top secret, and sometimes never come to light that are done in secret. In some commands Ordnance technicians are members of the Special operations SEAL command teams. SEAL team members work as part of different Navy units, and can work on detachment as necessary to work with different members of the United States Armed Services.

The Sailors that serve as Navy SEALS are some of the most dedicated and highly trained personnel in the entire United States Military. The brave Servicemembers that serve in the Navy as SEALS are highly trained in a variety of different types of training. They receive training in explosives, special weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and physical training. These personnel have high Esprit de Corps and their passion and teamwork rank very high, overshadowed only by their mission dedication and loyalty to mission, duty and each other. They work to disarm and dispose of some of the most advanced explosives and weapons in the world. If you are in excellent physical condition, and think that you have what it takes to be a special operations specialist then you could be in for a career that is exciting as it is challenging. As you qualify for service as a Special Warfare and Special Operations Servicemember you will qualify for extra pay, and special duty pay. Some of the different types of pay that you may qualify for include;

-Parachute Duty Pay.

-Submarine pay.

-Demolition duty Pay.

-Diving duty.

-Sea Duty.

-Special Duty and other Special assignment pay.

-Foreign Languages.

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Working in the US Navy as a SEAL means you may be asked to dispose of different types of explosives. If you are a EOD Special Operations technician you may go along with Navy Divers to dispose of or disarm bombs, mines or other explosives.

So, if you’re interested in the Navy… up to BUDS? Think you can make it through training? Many have tried. Many have failed. But, if you’re one of the few to graduate, the rewards are vast!




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SEAL stands for (SE)a (A)ir and (L)and combat
(S)pecial (W)eapons (A)nd (T)actics is SWAT

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What do you have to do to become a special operation SEAL. I would like to become one.

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GOOD , VERY GOOD !!!!!!!

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