Enlisted Marine Corps Transport Careers

Serving in the Marine Corps as an Operator of Motor Transportation is a varied and challenging career. You will work to be the person that is responsible for driving and operating different typed of vehicles from sedans, heavy troop transports, passenger buses, and other vehicles. You will work with over 49,000 different trucks, buses and vehicles that are the Marine Corps operational motor pool. Serving in the Marine Corps as a Motor Transport Specialist you will work and deal with Marine Corps personnel of all different rank and ratings. The Marine Corps Motor Transport Operator is a specialty that is involved in the transportation of personnel and supplies in military convoys, and movement of goods and materials throughout the military battlefield and support operations. It is the Marine Corps Transport Motor Operator that works to drive fuel tanks, water trucks, and a variety of passenger transportation vehicles in support of the Marine Corps mission. Your Marine Corps career will start with Basic Combat Training for 9 weeks where you will learn how to be a Marine Corps enlisted Servicemember. After Basic Training you will progress to Individual Advanced training for six weeks, where you will receive further training on becoming a Marine Corps Motor Transport Operator. During your training you will learn safety procedures, International road signs and rules of the road, basic vehicle maintenance, and accident prevention. Part of the time you will spend in the field in combat simulation training, and part of the time in the classroom. You will learn how to operate in a convoy and be part of team working to deliver and provide for the Marine Corps mission at home and abroad. After being trained you will work as part of a team working with Marine Corps vehicles in a variety of missions and performing many different types of operator tasks. After your Marine Corps career is over you will have a lot of opportunities in the civilian career field as a vehicle operator, motor pool manager, or other civilian jobs. Marine Corps Motor Transport Operators are responsible to operate and supervise various wheeled vehicles to transport cargo, personnel and supplies. Some of your responsibilities as a motor transport operator will include: keeping detailed vehicle records, reading load plans, driving vehicles over all different types of terrains and roads, as part of convoys and combat operations. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. As part of your duties you will also be responsible for monitoring and checking vehicle fluid levels, such as fuel, oil and tire pressures, and performing routine repairs and vehicle washing.




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