Military Chaplain Support Careers

Working in the Army As a support Chaplain staff person is a people oriented position. It is for people that are comfortable with dealing with different types of people in a close interpersonal manner. You will work to assist an Army Chaplain in giving support and assistance to people in their congregation. An Army chaplain can have a congregation or parish that can be just a few personnel, or as many as 1,000 or more people. The congregation consists normally of Army personnel, dependants and their families. An Army chaplain is a unique calling, and it requires a comfort level of assisting and supporting people. Each of the religious beliefs or denominations involves the spiritual care and support of the Army and civilian personnel in their parish or group. The Chaplain in the Army observes and oversees support and spiritual care for the personnel in their parish or unit, no matter where the troops are assigned, deployed or stationed. They assist in care of their congregation at their assigned post, performing various rituals, rites and religious ceremonies depending on what the procedure is with their specific faith. Chaplain assistants are an important part of the ministry Army Team unit. Other duties common to are overseeing and supervising religious education, special events and counseling sessions, officiating at funerals, military events military functions, weddings and memorials, and dealing with other types of soldier support and emotional counseling as necessary to support the Army mission. The Army Chaplain does not possess nor do they participate in weapons training. The Assistant to the Chaplain is an enlisted person who is tasked with the personal support, security and protection of the Chaplain. The assistant to the Chaplain receive specific training in the areas that the chaplain needs support in. A chaplain begins straight away as a Staff Officer, and is a member of the Commanders special staff. A chaplain advises and gives support to commanding officers and their senior staff, on all matters pertaining to morale, morals, religion and ceremonial observation. The Chaplain serves in the Army as part of a Unit Ministry Team. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! When you serve as an Army Chaplain Support person you have to be comfortable with serving in a religious support role, and not have a personal objection or aversion to religious issues. You should be a person of high moral beliefs to serve in this position.




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