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Navy Flexible Active Duty Education

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Members of the United States Navy serve on active duty around the world, and they often are interested in getting an education while they are serving on Active duty. There are several programs in the US Navy for those Servicemembers that want to get their education while still serving on active duty. The US Armed forces, and the US Navy in particular has a program that is designed to help Sailors get an education while they are serving in the field, on active duty. The Navy Fleet Deployment Educational plan that works to provide education for the active duty Servicemembers that seek to study and participate in classes while on deployment, This program is designed for personnel even that are serving on Active duty in combat zones. A growing number of educational institutions participate in the educational program, and the courses and options are constantly changing as more programs and institutions sign up for participation in the program. The program works by the Navy identifying senior enlisted personnel in each unit that are willing and capable of acting as ad hoc instructors. The Navy Deployment education program works for personnel afloat, overseas, stationed overseas, or located anywhere around the world that the Navy is deployed. The individual Navy enlisted person that wants to be a student in the program enrolls in the coursework and material independently, and receives course material to study and participate in the program. Instructional materials are provided to the Navy “Instructors” to help them teach and conduct coursework and classes in the subject matter, allowing students to study no matter where they are stationed or deployed. The commanders work to try and schedule instruction that does not interfere with the mission or Navy assignment that they are performing, and the airmen and sailors “attend” classes that are based at the unit level, scheduled around the unit mission and deployment schedule. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. These personnel represent the educational institutions that are involved in the program, and help to provide instruction to junior enlisted personnel who wish to take classes and receive educational instruction. The Navy personnel who act as instructors work with the commanders and leaders of each deployed unit, to make available blocks of time for instruction and learning.




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