What to Expect In Basic Training And Don’t Dare Enlist Without Reading This!

After a person passes their ASVAB test, they are ready to take part in basic training. Many soldiers have mixed feelings about their basic training. Some are actually excited about it. But these individuals tend to have already been more die-hard about the military in the first place. Then there are others who are apathetic, as they just accept that basic training is just one of those things a person must go through in order to be a soldier. Then there are those who are a little afraid of basic training. Either way, while basic training shouldn’t be feared, neither should it be viewed as a picnic either. This article will explain the three main elements that make up the basic training process. These include: physical training, intellectual training and combat training.

The first most prominent area of training when one undergoes basic training is in the area of fitness. Potential soldiers do a lot of running, sit-ups and other types of exercises to get their bodies physically prepared for a possible combat situation. During the course of their physical training, they will be given what are known as PT tests. These tests must be passed for the soldier to be able to advance, though they can take them as many times as they need if they do not initially pass. The physical training portion of basic training is grueling, especially for those who are out-of-shape, but they are not impossible. In fact, many learn to welcome the training since it is an excellent way for helping them to lose weight without excessive dieting.

The next area of training is in regard to intellect. When it comes to comedic fodder, television and other media do not focus as much on the military’s intellectual training as they do the physical. Some people even believe that military men and women are not encouraged to be smart, since all they have to do is behave orders. Such a notion couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the reasons this is so is because many types of military equipment has been computerized or technical. A person must be intelligent enough to know how to handle such equipment when under pressure. Secondly, soldiers are constantly in situations where they must use their critical thinking skills to figure out what they are going to do to save their lives. For these reasons the military makes soldiers undergo classroom sessions during their basic training. They must also pass tests during these sessions.

Lastly, there is the element of combat training. Military aficionados tend to get the most excited about this portion of basic training. However, shooting machine guns and riding around in Humvees is one part of the combat training experience. The other part is learning how to live out on the field, which may not be as exciting. In fact, many potential soldiers find it uncomfortable, especially during the summer months. Food options are also limited to MREs, (Military Ready to Eat) meals, which aren’t the most appetizing products in the world. Yet, in a situation of war, soldiers are more likely to be out on the field than indoors, so they must be able to learn how to make the field their friend.




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