Military Disabled Veterans Benefits Outlined Here

It is a scenario one never hopes happens to a soldier getting permanently disabled.  Yet, as much as people can hope these types of things don’t happen to the men and women in uniform, unfortunately it does. However, in the situations where disabilities do occur, military men and women don;t have to feel like they are being left out in the dusk.  This is because many benefits are available to those who have fallen in war. This article will explain these benefits in greater detail.

The first benefit available to disabled veterans is the Disabled Transition Assistance Program, (also known as DTAP).  Through this program disabled veterans are given the opportunity to become prepared for the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program.  As the namesake indicates, this program allows veterans an opportunity for vocational training, so that they will be able to get a job.  The DTAP heavily coordinates with this program, explaining in detail what it does and what disabled veterans can do to become a part of it.

The second benefit available for disabled veterans is in the area of healthcare.  The VA places disabled Veterans in two categories for medical benefits: those who became disabled in the line of duty, or those who became disabled outside of the line of duty.  The former receive care as needed completely free.  The latter receives care on a discretionary basis.  This means they will get care if space is available and they agree to making a co-payment.

Next, there is the Civilian Health and Medical Program, also known as CHAMPVA.  Through this program disabled veterans are able to get the medical bills of their families paid, provided they are not using Medicare or Tricare, (which is the insurance coverage offered to military persons).  The program is a great way to address medical costs from civilian healthcare facilities. Disability compensation is the fourth benefit available to disabled veterans. To get access to this benefit, a form VA Form 21-526 must be filled out. This helps determine if a disabled veteran is actually eligible.  If they are they can receive up to $2,000 in compensation from the military.

The final benefit available for disabled veterans is life insurance. Disabled veterans can qualify for up to $20,000 in health insurance, as long as their disability is service-related. Disabled veterans must apply two years from the date that they receive notification that their disability was related to their service. Completely disabled veterans will be able to get the full $20,000, while partially disabled veterans will get $10,000.

In conclusion, several benefits are available for veterans who become disabled. Hopefully, most soldiers will never have to resort to using these benefits but if they do, it’s certainly nice to know that they are available. This is especially the case since disabled civilians have very few programs they can turn to help them better their lives. All in all through these programs the disabled veteran is not only acknowledged, but also given an invaluable opportunity for gaining more self-sufficiency either economically or vocationally.

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