Supplementary GI Bill Education Programs

There are a number of different programs that operate under the Montgomery GI Bill Program. When you qualify for the GI Bill you have several things that you can choose to participate in. You have 10 years to use your benefits of any kind with the MGIB, 10 years from your last separation from Active duty you can receive up to 36 months of benefits using the MGIB if you are on active duty, and healthy amounts of support and funding also if you are in the Reserves. There were two supplementary type benefits, top up and buy up that are available. They both directly increase the amount of funding available for the Servicemember that can use when they are done with active duty. Buy Up – This will increase the money that is available for your use to about $150 more a month. This can increase the money that you receive up to an additional $5,400 dollars. This will increase their overall amount that a MGIB participant contributes to about $1,800 dollars. Montgomery GI Bill Top Up- Top up is the program for Servicemembers who are on active duty, and it works to supplement the Tuition Assistance program. The top up program works to cover the difference between what the cost is for a college course, and the amount that tuition assistance that is offered by the military pays. If you meet the qualifications for military Tuition Assistance, and if you otherwise qualify for the “New GI Bill,” and you are on active duty service, then you will qualify for the Top up program. You qualify for Top up if you have served for at least two years and you are in the service on active duty. The Tuition Assistance program pays for tuition, but the other costs that are associated with a course, such as books, materials, and other associated costs for education. You can apply simply by talking to your administration personnel support center to increase your MGIB contribution. To qualify you have to have joined the service after 1985, and you have to be still on active duty, and be eligible to increase your MGIB contribution by an additional $600 dollars. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Now you use either of these programs to benefit your MGIB program benefits, and increase the money you are eligibility for.




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