Military Concrete And Asphalt Specialist

One of the more interesting construction jobs in the United States Army is the position of Asphalt and Concrete specialist. The need for remodeling and new construction of airfields, roads and structures is an ongoing and constant need in the Military. The Asphalt and Concrete specialist working in the Army is responsible for buildings, roads, airfields, dams and other structures maintained and built in the United States Army. Many of these different types of construction cant are made without moving vast amounts of earth, and creating new surfaces using concrete and asphalt. It is one of the most mobile and fluid of any standing force in the world. As such, the need for new construction and remodeling of existing structures, roadways, and airfields is a constant concern. Construction equipment materials and operators are constantly needed in operating and maintaining graders, cranes, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment for these projects. Duties that are involved in construction and concrete and asphalt repair paving may entail production of concrete with a mixer, assisting in surfacing and asphalt paving applications. You may be responsible for supervising and operating the different types of equipment used in asphalt and concrete paving and production. You will work as a construction worker on a variety of different Army military projects. If you have any experience in using heavy construction type equipment, and if you enjoy working outdoors this may be a good job specialty for you. Advanced level Asphalt and Concrete specialists are involved in setting up and operating asphalt equipment on specific job tasked construction details, and operating advanced plants for the production of aggregate and asphalt construction materials. You will operate different equipment and asphalt kettles, and asphalt distributors, maintenance and operation of mobile and fixed asphalt production plants, and assisting in planning and completion of combat engineer type missions. Part of your mission will be to participate in simulated combat conditions and also in classroom training. You will work to learn the repair and maintenance of different types of equipment that will be used in this job, and also how to operate various types of concrete and asphalt production equipment. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The position of an Army Asphalt and Concrete specialist works well with the Army Apprenticeship program. You can receive up to ½ of the total hours needed for civilian licensure and qualification, and it is an advantageous program for many people to participate in.




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What type of formwork for concrete construction does the US military use?

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