Infantry Enlisted Machine Gunner Careers

The United States Marine Corps trains and fields their own combat and armor members, and they deal with a wide variety of combat and infantry specialty military jobs. One of the most advanced and in depth positions is that of the Marine Infantry machine gunner. It is a position that involves a lot of responsibility, and it is a direct combat position. Because it is a combat position it is one of those ratings or military jobs that is open only to men. Working as a Machine Gunner in the United States Marine Corps involves knowing how to maintain and operate a wide variety of weaponry and guns. You will learn how to use different weapons systems, involving both small arms, large bore gunnery systems, and in some cases even missiles that are utilized by the Marine Corps. You will deal with artillery of various kinds, machine guns as well as Naval Gunnery weapons, and mortar gunfire systems. You will receive training that will leave you as an expert in Marine Corps gunnery systems. As a Machine Gunner in the Marine Corps you will be trained in a full spectrum of night and day combat techniques. You will learn how to use and maintain a wide variety of weapons and weapons systems, and how to defend against a full variety of enemy ability including chemical, biological, and nuclear weaponry. Serving in the United States Marines as an Infantry Machine Gunner means you have been trained to secure and defend yourself. You will learn how to deal with a variety of terrain and geography, and how to repel and oppose enemy forces. You will work as part of a Marine Corps Fire team, using a large number of different weapons and fire support as part of your normal job. You will be trained on assault techniques, and how to use combat methods from assault vehicles, trucks even assault aircraft with weapons mounted. You will be part of an elite Marine Corps Infantry unit, trained in combat and battle tactics, and how to be part of a larger infantry or artillery unit. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. As you accumulate time in service and rank, you will be promoted to higher levels up to or including Staff or Master Sergeant. You will increasingly be responsible for the supervision and training of personnel more junior to yourself.




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So this is one of the most important jobs in the Marine Corps? Wow. The things these people do. Glad they are standing strong.

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One of only many…

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