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When a Servicemember makes a career out of serving in the United States military, often it has been a desire to somehow share part of their personal military benefits with members of their family. For Veterans that have been serving in their country they have wanted to be able to support the educational efforts of their spouses and dependents. Congress recognized this and worked to set up a program where you can use part of the Montgomery GI bill benefits that they qualify for. These funds are then accessible in some cases for the dependents of the Servicemember to utilize. This is a new feature, and one long overdue. Congress wanted to link this benefit with the support of the current military efforts, so they included some different specific qualifications. They wanted to provide incentives for soldiers to enlist or re enlist and to stay in the military. The new benefit is excellent for those who have a larger family. The new benefit will allow advancement of education goals for members of the family besides the Servicemember. Dependants can access some of the educational benefits from the Servicemember when they first enlist, if they select the transfer option when the first join. If they do not choose this option when they first enlist, then they can select it when they choose to reenlist. While this is a limiting factor, it still provides at least a reasonable set up to transfer part of their benefits to family members. The transfer of benefits is also linked to those specialties and job MOS designations that are facing critical shortages. Congress set up the program with some restrictions, and they are: -They have to be in a field or specialty MOS that qualifies for the transfer benefit. -The soldier has to have served for at least six years of service when they re enlist. -They have to be willing to sign up for an additional 4-year enlistment period. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Servicemembers are able to allow their family members to utilize their benefits, under the conditions mentioned above. So this transfer benefit does have a number of different restrictions. The Servicemember can transfer up to ½ of their benefits to their dependents if they qualify for the program.




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I`m trying to tranfer my montgomery gi bill to my son he started at the school april 20 2009 in orlando fl mechanic school but the VA specialist inthe school said ican`t transfer my gi bill to my son because its impossible to tranfer my gibill to him. i served 2 years in iraq 2003 to 2005 ihave 27 years inservices,my mos is 11c,11b i`m veteran how i can transfer my montgomery gi biil to my son

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