Hundreds Join Iraqi Air Force And Army

New Members Inducted Into National Iraqi Forces More than 250 new lieutenants have been promoted in the Iraqi Security Forces. The Iraqi Military Academy graduated these new members into the Iraqi Air Force, and Army after an intensive training program. The new lieutenants worked to learn leadership and military tactics, as well as other different procedures at the Security Force Academy. The same time as the new Iraqi lieutenants were graduating in Rustamiyah, there were 400 new cadets that graduated from the academies at Zhako, Qualachalon, and Nasinyah. They are going to join the different ministries, the Iraqi Army, the Iraqi National Police, and the Iraqi Air force. Each of the training facilities has worked to give specific training to Iraqi candidates, to build the professionalism of the Iraqi Security forces, as well as helping to transform the overall character of the Iraqi forces. US Army General David H. Petraeus attended the graduation of the Iraqi Military Academy. He spoke to the assembled 250 lieutenants, and complemented them on their ability and training. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. “I speak to you from this place, work to be united together, work as a team, for Iraq,” said Petraeus. He spoke for nearly 40 minutes, and then spent an additional hour greeting and visiting with the new graduates. “These officers are the future of Iraq,” said General Petraeus. He told the graduates they were a part of an increasingly professional and capable force.




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